Steel Body Submersible High Head Pump

Steel Body Submersible High Head Pump

We have various types:- 1hp, 1.5hp, 2hp & 3hp

The Steel Body Submersible High Head Pump helps in the extraction of groundwater in houses, farmlands, and industries. These 1 hp submersible pumps can be completely submerged in the water and can be sealed properly in an air-tight packaging inside the water. The borewell pump is ideal for shallow wells, approximately up to 20 feet deep and these pumps are also safe to use in freezing conditions.

Alden pump is the best submersible pump for borewell in UAE because it is energy efficient and durable and the borewell motor pump is equipped with a power consumption meter which helps in measuring the amount of power utilized by the pump. The borewell pump consists of a 4 wire cable, which is certainly designed to make an easier installation. These residential submersible pumps can be utilized for a variety of purposes including sewage, water supply, fire fighting, and water treatment.

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A Steel Body Submersible High Head Pump is used when the applications face a frequent change in the level of water. It can be dropped or installed at the bottom of the surface of a liquid, which gives it an advantage over a traditional centrifugal pump. Cromptons residential submersible pumps come with excellent service life and also have coatings on their internal elements in order to prevent rusting. The 1 hp submersible pump & Borewell pump moves the liquid from one place to another and one end of the pump is connected to a hose while the other is submerged in the liquid.

The borewell motor is used to move the water from a particular lake or river to a different location. The open well pump moves the water to a well where it can be used for several purposes. These pumps are usually cast iron thereby providing excellent durability. The borewell submersible pump consists of an AC electric motor, diffuser, submersible electric cable, and cable guard. The pump operates with the help of electricity and lifts the water to the ground level by converting the impeller’s rational energy into the kinetic energy of water.

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